The Daily Mail, known for its tabloid-style journalism in the UK, is facing criticism for recently writing derogatory comments about Black Pink in an article. The headline, which highlighted the dark side of KPOP, caught the attention of fans with its intriguing content. However, many fans have pointed out that the tabloid’s approach was too reckless. The article is written as follows: “Before receiving an honorary title from King Charles, it’s likely that he had never even heard of Black Pink, the representative artist from South Korea. Here, we reveal how starvation diets, daily weight measurements, and the immense pressure to undergo plastic surgery cast a dark shadow behind the world’s biggest girl group. This journalist sheds light on the dark side of the KPOP industry, where bullying and abuse are commonplace, and young artists are subjected to harsh training and forced into contracts that control every aspect of their lives. However, using Black Pink in the title and using expressions that degrade the success of girl groups has left many fans feeling uncomfortable. Additionally, many have also pointed out that the article is biased and focuses only on a negative portrayal of one aspect of KPOP training without extensive research. Angry fans have taken to social media to express their frustrations, calling it both sexist and disrespectful. The Daily Mail is seen as one of the most trivial tabloids; they are willing to do anything for attention. Even if not everyone is familiar with KPOP or KPOP groups, could they not have skipped that part or found a better way to express it? Unconscious biases, such as assuming that, because it’s from Asia, there must be labor and exploitation, can also be felt. This incident has sparked debates not only among Black Pink fans but also among many KPOP fans.”

  • デイリーメール氏がブラックピンクに侮辱的な記事を書いたことに対し、批判が殺到している。
  • 記事はKPOPのダークな側面を取り上げ、ファンの注目を集めたが、多くのファンから軽率なやり方だと指摘されている。
  • 記事は絶食や体重測定、整形術などのプレッシャーがガールズグループに影を落としていることを明らかにしているが、偏った表現やタイトルが不快感を引き起こしている。
  • ファンはデイリーメールの女性差別やタブロイド的な姿勢に怒りを表明し、より公平な取材や表現を求めている。
  • この事件はブラックピンクのファンだけでなく、多くのKPOPファンの間でも議論を巻き起こしている。










I recently watched a video regarding the Daily Mail’s recent article that was insulting towards Black Pink, a popular K-pop girl group. The headline of the article caught attention as it delved into the dark side of K-pop, which intrigued fans. However, many fans criticized the tabloid for being too careless in their approach. The article stated that Prince Charles had probably never heard of Black Pink before receiving an honor from them. It also highlighted the dark aspects of the K-pop industry, such as extreme dieting, constant weight monitoring, and pressure for plastic surgery. The journalist aimed to shed light on the dark side of K-pop, but fans were unhappy with the use of Black Pink in the headline, as it seemed to belittle the group’s success. They also pointed out that the article was biased, focusing only on the negative aspects of K-pop training without conducting proper research. Fans expressed their anger on social media, accusing the Daily Mail of female discrimination and being disrespectful. They considered the newspaper to be a tasteless tabloid, willing to do anything for attention. Some fans suggested that the article could have skipped that specific part of the headline or used a better expression. The video also mentioned a subconscious bias, assuming that K-pop, being an Asian thing, must include sweatshop-like practices. This incident sparked discussions not only among Black Pink fans but also among many K-pop fans.

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