Ive’s song “Iam” has gained attention due to its music video directed by Son Samshi. Recently, Son Samshi praised the professionalism of member Changnyong on MBC Radio. According to his story, Onion revealed that he injured his arm on the set of the music video and had to be rushed to the emergency room, where he received seven stitches. However, just two days later, Onion returned to the filming, showing no signs of the injury. Son Samshi was impressed by his professionalism and dedication. Fans were both surprised and concerned by this news, criticizing Starship Entertainment, their agency, for not informing them about Onion’s serious injury. To further confuse fans, MBC deleted the video of Son Samshi discussing Changnyong’s injury on YouTube and Twitter. This decision left fans wondering why the video had to be removed. Fans have taken to Twitter, trending hashtags such as #IveRespectOnionBetterTreatment, demanding an explanation from Starship Entertainment. Some fans expressed their worry, stating that Starship should prioritize the well-being of their artists and respond to their concerns. The fans’ concerns stem from previous incidents, such as an accident the members experienced and the ensuing hiatus caused by a hectic schedule, and now Onion’s severe injury. Fans hope that Starship’s response to this situation will be closely watched, and they pray that no further tragedies occur for the idols. [Music]

  • Iveの曲 Iamのミュージックビデオのディレクターであるソンサムシがメンバーのチャングニョンのプロ意識をMBCラジオで称賛しました。
  • チャングニョンはミュージックビデオのセットで腕を怪我し、緊急治療室で七針縫う怪我を負ったと話した。
  • しかし、2日後にはすぐに撮影に戻り、怪我をしている様子を感じさせない姿を見せた。
  • ファンたちはチャングニョンのプロ意識に感銘を受けたが、所属事務所の対応に批判を始めた。
  • ファンたちは事故のことを知らされていなかったことに懸念を示し、MBCが動画を削除したことにも戸惑った。
  • 現在、ツイッターではハッシュタグでアイブリザーブベターアイブをもっと大切にするよう求める声が広まっている。
  • ファンたちはスターシップエンターテインメントに説明を求めている。
  • ファンたちは所属事務所の対応に不満を示し、アイドルたちの安全を祈っている。















まとめ:IVEウォニョン、MV撮影中に大けが ファン激怒

I recently watched a video of the song “Ive” by Iam, directed by Somsamshi, where he praised member Changnyong’s professionalism on MBC Radio. According to him, Onion disclosed that he injured his arm on the set of the music video and had to be taken to the emergency room, where he received seven stitches. However, just two days later, Onion returned to filming without showing any signs of injury. Somsamshi was impressed by this professionalism and seriousness. Fans were surprised by this story, but soon began to criticize their agency, Starship Entertainment. They expressed concerns about the lack of communication regarding Onion’s significant injury, despite continuing with promotions. Fans were further confused when MBC deleted the video of Somsamshi talking about Changnyong’s injury from YouTube and Twitter. This decision bewildered the fans, and they started trending hashtags on Twitter, demanding better treatment for Onion and explanations from Starship Entertainment. Some fans expressed their opinions, such as “Starship should cherish their members more” and “As fans, it’s natural for us to worry and be disturbed. Starship should not make us angry.” They also requested that the agency respond to their emails and take better care of Onion. Fans were upset with the erratic schedule and multiple accidents, including this recent injury where Onion had to get seven stitches. They believe that it is time for Starship to stop hiding behind Ive and address these concerns. The response from Starship Entertainment is now being closely watched as fans want to ensure the safety and well-being of the idols.

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