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JYP Entertainment’s popular girl group, TWICE, is loved by many, from overseas celebrities to K-pop fans. Each member of TWICE has a unique and captivating charm, which is one of the reasons they receive overwhelming support from a wide range of people. Recently, a fan asked ESPA’s Karina directly if she had a favorite member of TWICE during a fan meeting. Hesitant at first, Karina couldn’t decide and expressed her dilemma. Eventually, she mentioned two names – TWICE’s Japanese members, Momo and Sana – as her favorites. Choosing a favorite member from the talented TWICE proved to be a difficult task for Karina, just like many fans. Her conflicted expression created a sense of familiarity with the fans, revealing that she holds a special connection with Sana and Momo within TWICE.

  • JYPエンターテインメントの代表的なガールズグループトワイスは海外セレブからKポップアイドルまで多くの人に愛されています
  • トワイスのメンバーは全員が個性的でそれぞれ異なる魅力を持っています
  • エスパのカリナにはトワイスのメンバーが好きなのかという疑問がファンの間で生まれました
  • ビデオ通話のファンミーティング中にカリナに好きなメンバーがいるのか質問されました
  • カリナは選ぶことができず戸惑っている様子を見せました
  • 最終的にカリナは桃先輩とサナ先輩の名前をあげました
  • カリナにとっても特に好きなメンバーを選ぶのは難しいことだったようです
  • カリナの悩ましげな様子はファンに親近感を抱かせるものでした
  • カリナにとってトワイスのメンバーを1人に絞ることは難しかったようです







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JYP Entertainment’s representative girl group, TWICE, is loved by many people, from overseas celebrities to K-pop idols. The members of TWICE are all unique and have different charms, which is one of the reasons why they receive overwhelming support from a wide range of age groups. In a recent video call fan meeting, an ESPA fan asked Karina if she had a favorite member in TWICE. Karina seemed puzzled and unsure of how to answer, placing her hand on her chin and looking around, deep in thought. The fan jokingly said, “Uh-oh, what should I do? I can’t choose just one out of the nine members!” Karina eventually mentioned two names as her favorites, stating that she likes Momo and Sana. Her thoughtful expression and struggle to choose just one member resonated with many fans, as it is indeed a difficult task to pick a favorite from such talented TWICE members. It was revealed that Karina has a special affection for Satzu (Sana and Momo), which adds to her relatability as a fan. It seems that narrowing down her favorite TWICE member to just one is a challenging feat for Karina as well. [Music] [Music] Y

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